概念方案阶段启动公告 | 大鹏公共事务中心(暂定名)概念方案设计竞赛



The announcement and related matters of Competition for Conceptual Design of Dapeng Public Affairs Center (tentative name) have been released. Design teams from across the world are welcome to stay tuned for the update.

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For project overview and design content, see:

正式公告 | 大鹏公共事务中心(暂定名)概念方案设计竞赛


For the 8 shortlisted joint teams, see:

评审结果公示 | 大鹏公共事务中心(暂定名)概念方案设计竞赛入围简案阶段


For details of this stage, please refer to the Design Brief at the Conceptual Scheme Stage (the download link is attached at the end of the article)

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01 竞赛流程

Competition Process


Brief Scheme Submission Stage


Conceptual Design Stage


The shortlisted joint teams shall make architectural conceptual design proposals for review under the established design brief and urban design guidelines. The competition will remain open to the public at this stage, and registration by independent joint teams is still workable. The independent joint teams should be reviewed before competing at this stage. (independent joint teams will not be rewarded with the bonus set up for the first stage).

◎  通过入围简案阶段产生的8家入围参赛联合团队以及自由参赛联合团队进入本阶段;

◎ The 8 joint teams shortlisted from the first stage as well as the independent ones  will enter this stage (conceptual design);

◎  8家入围参赛联合团队以及已报名并通过审核自由参赛联合团队提交符合设计任务书要求的设计成果文件,每家只允许提交一个竞赛方案;

◎The 8 joint team shortlisted and the qualified independent joint teams shall only submit one conceptual design deliverable in line with the design brief;

◎  主办方依法组建方案评审委员会,对参赛方案进行评审。方案评审委员会采用记名投票法(逐轮淘汰),选出3家参赛联合团队(有排序,但不作为最终结果)进入第三阶段-审定及优化阶段。

◎The host shall establish a review committee in accordance with the law to review the Schemes. The review committee shall select 3 joint teams (ranked, but not as the final result) through open vote (elimination by round) to enter the third stage -determination and optimization.


Determination and Optimization Stage


The host shall set up a review committee to review the results and select the winner. The winner shall further develop and optimize the design based on the feedback from all sides.

02 报名及资质要求



(1)Joint teams must be legally registered companies or organizations.


(2)There are no qualification and performance requirements during the competition process.


(3)As the competition project is a collection of several individual projects, it is also required that two or more design agencies should be enrolled as a joint team to participate in the competition. The joint team should have the division of labor and combination of "overall design coordination + different individual architects", so as to achieve the overall sense of mutual connection of the construction group, and meet the design requirements of different parts (including progress) . Each member of the consortium shall not join another consortium with other design agencies to apply.


(4)The joint team members shall sign the Joint Team Agreement legally and specify the leading member, as well as work distribution, share of rights and interests during the project implementation phase if awarded with design contract.


(5)Individual or teams of individuals will not be accepted.

03 竞赛奖金

Competition Bonus


Bonus for the Conceptual design and optimization stage:

◎  第一名联合团队获得230万元人民币(含方案优化费用)

◎  第二名、 第三名联合团队各获得70万元人民币


◎ The joint team of the first place, with bonus of 2.3 million RMB (including the cost of scheme optimization).

◎ The joint team of the second and third place, with bonus of 0.7 million RMB each.

Note: Bonus for this stage do not include bonus for the brief Scheme submission stage.


The results of this competition are not related to the implementation of the contract in the next stage. In the next stage, the bidding assignment of each sub project will be based on the optimization results of the competition, and the bid winner will cooperate with the winning team according to the relevant requirements of the Dapeng new district government to implement the winning results of the competition.

04 竞赛日程


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(1) 所有时间均以北京时间为准,主办方保留调整日程安排的权利。

(2) 温馨提示:因本项目入围简案阶段时间紧凑,建议参赛联合团队提前组织设计力量,以尽早准备方案设计阶段工作。


(1) All time is subject to Beijing time. The Host reserves the right to adjust the agenda.

(2) Kind reminder: Since the schedule is quite tight for the Pre-qualification of this project, the joint team is suggested to organize the design team beforehand so as to prepare the work at the design competition stage as soon as possible.

05 赛事组织


(1) 主办方 Host


Shenzhen Dapeng New District Management Committee

(2) 承办方 Organizer


Dapeng Administration Bureau of Shenzhen Municipal of planning and natural resources

(3) 项目使用单位 Project users




Shenzhen Dapeng New District Office Affairs Management Center

Dapeng Branch of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau

Dapeng Brigade of Traffic Police Detachment of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau

(4) 竞赛组织单位 Co-organizer


FuturePlus Academy

联系方式 Enquiry Tel

蔡工 Ms Cai: +86 13590410014

符工 Mr Fu: +86 13923439321


Consultation time: Monday to Friday, Beijing time, 9:00-12:00,14:00-18:00

咨询邮箱 Enquiry E-mail



06 信息发布


(1)下载附件 Appendixes Download

  • 《概念方案阶段设计任务书》

  • 用地信息图(CAD格式)

  • 场地航拍视频

  • 场地红线与蓝线叠加图

  • Design Brief at the Conceptual Scheme Stage

  • Land Information Graphic (in CAD Format)

  • Site aerial video link

  • Superimposed map of the red and blue lines of the venue

网盘链接 Download link


提取码 Password


(2) 竞赛信息更新平台 Competition information update platform


※ 主办方对本次国际竞赛规则拥有最终解释权,解释语言以中文为准。

※The host reserves the right for the interpretation of the Competition Document, with the language of interpretation subjected to Chinese.

07 报名方式



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Scan the QR code above to fill in the registration

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